Friday, August 31, 2012

Custom Quote Wall Art

I really adore wall art in nurseries but it has been difficult for me to find pieces I love.  Unfortunately most of the airplane items I found for the nursery were way boyish so I decided to incorporate a plane in a gender-neutral way and I love it!

I was inspired by Brandy from the Heart and Habitat blog.  Here is her version of wall art that she painted with her kids, so cute!
Heart and Habitat Blog

First I bought a blank canvas at JoAnn Fabrics that was 50% off.

Since I don't have a Cricut, I had to use store bought vinyl letters which worked out perfectly with the sizes I needed.  It was tricky to find them at JoAnn Fabrics and I grabbed the only pack in stock but some other crafting stores may have more options.

After finding the quote I wanted, I cut out each letter (not precisely but enough to know the size of the letter) and arranged the quote the way I wanted it to read.

Because I wanted things to be symmetrical, I measured out lines with a ruler and pencil so that they were evenly spaced out.  Once that was finished I peeled off the vinyl backing and placed the stickers onto the canvas.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Unfortunately the paint was not dark enough to cover up the pencil lines so I highly suggest that you use painter's tape to map out the lines and remove as you do each line.
For the airplane, I just printed off an image online and traced it onto a sheet of contact paper I bought at Goodwill for $0.49!  For some reason they always have tons of contact paper so I was excited to finally have a reason to buy it.

Then I painted over it.  The orange is one of my favorite accent colors in the nursery!  As mentioned before, the pencil was showing through so I had to do 4 coats of paint to make sure to cover it up.  Without the pencil, I think I could have gotten away with only 2 coats.

Once it was dried, I peeled off each letter.  The paint bled through a little around the edges so I just touched up each letter by hand using white paint.

That's it.  The quote is in honor of the pilot. He's been through a challenging, stressful, long journey being a pilot that has even forced several of his friends to completely change careers.  Pursuing his dreams has taken a lot of patience, discipline and risk but it hasn't stopped him.  It's awesome to have a quote that we not only believe, but actually live by.

By the way, I started this project on one of my craft nights with one of my best friends Lauren.  She started her own blog The Lovely O.T. with some really great projects so be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


With less than 100 days to go until Baby Crabb arrives, the pilot and I are doing our best to get things done around the house.  Our number one priority is the nursery.  While many people have informed me that baby probably won't even sleep in the nursery for a few months so we have more time, we are too gosh darn excited and love working on our baby's room.

Everyone has been asking us what the theme is.  Well, I am a brat and do not like any of the gender neutral crib sets, plus the items included in them are practically useless (bumper, comforter, etc.) but that is another topic.  So we decided to go with a "you are my sunshine" meets "airplane" room with bright colors that will work for a boy or girl.

Here are some photos we found online that gave us inspiration:

Blue walls with cloud decals...

 But a brighter blue color like this...

 And one yellow wall with a decal "You Are My Sunshine" that the crib will be on...

 Except, it will be a brighter yellow like this...

And finally bright lime green and orange accents.

Of course, we will sprinkle in airplane stuff throughout. Since we are going rouge on the "theme," it has been difficult to find things that fit into the room that are gender neutral.  Ok, maybe the real reason it is a difficult task is because I am picky.  Nonetheless, I found that the best thing to do was to create pieces myself.  I will keep you posted on some of our projects as we go!

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