Friday, March 8, 2013

Sorry - Lost Photos

I want to apologize for the messed up (lack thereof!) photos on my blog.  Apparently when I deleted the photos that were public on my Google+ account, the internet trolls deleted the photos from the blog.  Did you know this could happen?  I didn't.  Even my dog Milo is surprised, look at him.

I will do my best to go through all of my posts and reload the photos over the next week.  It really stinks that this is the first post I write in months.  There are so many projects and recipes I was planning on posting soon.  I swear.  Once this is fixed I will post something pleasant for you to read.  Oh, and you will get to meet my daughter who is hiding in the background of this photo.  For now just know that she is awesome.

Sorry for the inconvenience!!!
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