About Me

 Hey folks!  I'm Dayna and this is my therapy creative outlet blog.

It all started out when my husband got a job as an airline pilot.  Being a young airline pilot's wife guarantees you two things: you will live a "frugal" lifestyle and you will be alone half the week.  As a result, I became obsessed with Goodwill, Pintrest and Blogger.

The pilot is my high school sweetheart and we live in our hometown.  We love being so close to family and friends, especially now that we have two little girls.  Here's a quick timeline of the milestones in my life:

First comes love...
Our first high school dance together, 2000

Then comes marriage...
Our first dance at our wedding, 2008

Then comes a blog in a Blogger format...
The blogging began, 2011
And THEN comes a baby in a baby carriage! 
Our baby girl Rae, 2012
My guilty pleasures are wine, Motown music, making treasures out of trash, anything with cheese, taking photos, Southwest Michigan, dancing like a fool and being lazy with the pilot.

Things in this world that I could definitely live without include vampires, mean people, those humungous fake flowers on baby headbands, owls and cable television.  That last one is absolutely true, we really do live without cable.  Shocking, right?! Well that's how I roll.

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