Thursday, July 31, 2014

Map Hearts

Home is where the heart is...

This month the unthinkable happened.  My adventurous friends settled down... in a house... in the suburbs... of Chicago!  While the pilot and I had settled down in our home right after we got engaged, these friends have lived in 10 different cities (6 states) in the last eight years.  That's not including their several-week-long European adventure.   Super cool life, right?!

When I started to think about what to get them for a housewarming gift I initially thought of the usual gift baskets with kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies and wine.  I even placed an order on Etsy for a cool return address stamp BUT cancelled it when I received their Christmas card the next day and saw they already had one.  Don't worry, I got a refund.

Then I had an epiphany and remembered all of the cool map art that I have seen on Pintrest.  I didn't follow any one design, just did it as I went.  Here it is:

I've always loved the look of them but truthfully had no use for because I met my husband in high school in the same town we bought our first home and don't really have any other place of significance.

What other project should I use the book of maps for?
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