Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Grounded?

Definition 1: "connected to the ground"
I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now but was never willing to give up the little free time I had typing on my laptop. Well that was when I had was greeted at home each night by my darling husband. When we are together we are the opposite of productive. I guess you could call us lazy but nonetheless we love being lazy together. Tonight I came home to an empty house for the 10th night in a row. "Why is that?" you may ask... well that is because while my pilot husband is working his new airline job in the air flying , I am on the ground. In other words I am physically grounded.

Definition 2: "in touch with reality"
I feel that I am a very grounded person and grateful for all that I have. My jobs have always been working at non-profits and I am not a materialistic person at all. I have seen my family go from rich to slightly below average and I would much rather have the later life. I'm generally optimistic and try to see positive in everything. I am mentally grounded.

Definition 3: "confined at home as punishment"
Finally, I will say something here that you cannot tell my husband that I am admitting! Sometimes I pretty much make my husband treat me like a child. It is totally my fault because I have a hard time with self control when it comes to our finances. With his new airline job we have to go on a MAJOR budget so I feel like I am grounded because I need to stay home and save instead of going out with friends and spending money. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is for punishment, but it is definitely for my own good. I am behaviorlly grounded.

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