Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For real this time

So there were more posts that I posted back in early 2010 but... I deleted them. They were annoying from when I wanted a pity party for myself and nobody really wants to read about that. Now that I have been living the life of a pilot's wife for over a year and a half, I've got things under control. At least more than I did before so the blog is for real this time.
Even though our income has increased since the first year at the airlines, we still have long term financial goals so I am trying to really focus my energy on living a frugal life. Recently I was introduced to my new lover... Pintrest.com. Seriously I have become a bit obsessed but it has totally motivated me to get organized and crafty. Believe it or not, I just added a sewing machine to my list for Santa.
Some of my recently projects have been directly pulled from Pintrest but some are things that are inspired the Pintrest ideas. For example, all of the sewing projects gave me the courage to take on the task of making our costumes for Halloween. We were going to a family party so we wanted to be something our nephews and nieces (ages3-5) would recognize so we were Jesse and Woody from Toy Story 2 and 3!
The costumes were made for less tan $10 each with items from Goodwill and sale fabric from JoAnn fabrics. Waaaayyy cheaper than the ones sold by costumes stores and the kids loved it! It was definitely a win-win and gave me the confidence to do more. Follow me to see my progress on crafty projects and saving money.

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