Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY Yarn & Felt Flower Wreath

One of my best friends, Lauren, has always been crafty.  Even in high school she would give us homemade cards for our birthdays.  So after we discussing our recent projects she had the idea to start a crafting group.  We'd choose 1 - 2 nights a month to get together and work on a new project.  While we thought this was a super fun idea, our other friends teased us so our crafting group ended up as a crafting duo :)
One of Lauren's specialties is wreath making.  Each season she embellishes her city apartment with new wreaths and also gives them out as gifts to her family.  And since I am the only female living in my condo building BUT also the only door without a wreath I asked Lauren if we could have that be our first project.

I decided to attempt a yarn & felt flower wreath while she opted for the fabric flower wreath.  This post will just focus on my wreath first and save hers for another post.

Materials were simple:
  • 12" styrofoam wreath circle ($4.99)
  • Yarn ($2.99)
  • 5 sheets of felt ($0.39 each)

To create the felt flowers, I cut out different size squares from the felt.  This was my first time using my rotary blade and cutting mat and I am in love.  This is going to save me so much time!  Obviously the bigger the square, the bigger the flower so be sure to cut out different sizes.
Once I cut out the square I cut a circle within.  Then I started a spiral cut beginning with a thin slice and gradually increasing the width.  Check out Beth's video tutorial at Home Stories A 2 Z to see how to do it.
Start with the thin side and then spiral around and hot glue the end.  Again, watch the video for much better directions.  Here are the flowers I created.

The yarn part was simple... hot glue the beginning piece and wrap around until it was covered.  Then I just hot glued the flowers on in the order I wanted.  To add a little more texture I hot glued mini flowers in the middle of some of them.  See the finished product below.
Check out Lauren's blog post about her fabric flower wreath.  Here's a sneak peak...
Stay tuned for other crafting duo projects.


  1. I love all your posts and your new blog! I also LOVE the crafting group idea! Where do I sign up?!? :)

    1. Aw thanks Lisa, I really appreciate the comments! I will absolutely let you know when the crafting group meets next. BTW, I love Hancock Fabrics so THANK YOU for the referral!


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