Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Onion Love

If there is one thing that I buy every single week at the grocery store, it would be green onions.  I slice them up and put them in my eggs, my salads, my soups, my appetizers (like buffalo chicken egg rolls), my dinners, well... you get the idea.

Even though they are not that expensive I was still very happy to see that you could grow green onions indoors.  There is a slight chance that I am more psyched about the ability to grow something than the actual cost savings. Now you see, I have a terrible relationship with plants and have a tendency to kill my plants, even the simple ones like bamboo.

This pin shared the idea of placing the white ends of the green onions in water and simply watch it grow.  That's it.  Really.

You can see where the old part ends and the new onion grows.  I started some of them about 10 days ago and some of them 3 days ago so they are different heights.  I did this so there is continuous growth.  

Tonight I used them in my fresh pad thai that I made using this recipe except I reduced the calories by using Nasoya Japanese Style Noodles.
One of the most sinful recipes using green onions for our household is this dip only because I always have the ingredients (feta, olive oil, tomatoes, Italian seasoning and... green onions!) on hand.  We usually bust this recipe when we are having a date-night-in and have enjoyed a few glasses of red wine.

There are so many ways that I use green onions, I just love them!  What's your favorite recipe using green onions?


  1. I'm right there with you! I love them on chili, tomato soup, chicken tortilla soup (basically any kind of soup) and enchiladas! Yum... I'll have to try this pin too!

  2. Saw this on Pinterest & I can't believe I didn't try this (or even think of it) before!! So excited! -Which is kinda silly...but I am!!

    1. I know - that's how I felt! Well now there's no excuse... you have to do it. Plus it brings some greenery in my kitchen during these winter months. Enjoy :)


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